Vocational qualification certificate (certificat de qualification professionnelle CQP)

For a certificat de qualification professionnelle (CQP – vocational qualification certificate), the application file for listing in the national register of professional certifications must include the following :

  • The decision and the date of creation by the national joint employment committee issuing it ;
  • A description of the job concerned and the contents of the certification ;
  • The reference of the qualification conferred by the qualification certificate in the collective bargaining agreements mentioning it, or of the level adopted in the classification by the said agreements ;
  • How it is obtained ;
  • The correspondences recognized or desired by the national joint employment committee with other certifications listed in the register.

CNCP contact :

  • The assistant general Rapporteur in charge of the procedure for dealing with applications for RNCP registration.
  • The CNCP representative at the French national level, depending on the professional sector covered by the certification