Vocational diplomas and qualifications

For a diploma or a qualification document coming under the "general case", the application file for listing in the national register of vocational certifications must include the following :

  • A description of the activities covered by an existing, identified trade, function or job, drawn up with the participation of the professional specialists concerned ;
  • A description, for all candidates, of the corresponding competencies, aptitudes and knowledge attesting to a qualification, and necessary to carry out the trade, function or job in question ;
  • A detailed description of the procedure for validating the experience acquired, as set up in compliance with the regulations in force ;
  • The composition of the certification panel ;
  • As the procedure for registration on request is an a posteriori evaluation procedure, all registration applications coming under the "general case" must include an account of the jobs held, and their levels, by at least three promotions of holders of the certification ;
  • The organization must undertake to set up a system for following up on the holders of the qualification document or the diploma to check the relation between the jobs held and the job description.

CNCP contact :

  • The assistant general Rapporteur in charge of the procedure for dealing with applications for RNCP registration.
  • For a certification issued by a single certifying organization located in a single administrative region, the contact is the CNCP correspondent for the region concerned (see Contacts section)
  • For a certification issued by a several certifying organizations located in different administrative regions, the contact is the CNCP representative at the French national level, depending on the professional sector covered by the certification useful links :
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