Procedure for organizations entitled to registration in the national register of professional certifications

Article L335-6 of the French Code of Education stipulates that diplomas and qualification documents for professional purposes issued in the name of the French State and created with the approval of consultative bodies in which organizations representative of employers and employees take part, are entitled to be listed in the national register of vocational certifications. Moreover, prior to their elaboration, the opportuneness of their creation is subject to public approval by the committee within three months. At the end of that period, approval is considered as granted.

The procedure for organizations entitled to registration

The ministries issuing certifications entitled to registration have direct access enabling them to feed the database of the register on a continuous basis. The descriptive summaries known as "register data sheets" are supplied by these ministries, as creation, modification or deletion of certifications is carried out. Since the register was implemented, these data sheets have been examined beforehand by the consultative bodies [Commission Professionnelle Consultative (CPC – Consultative Professional Committee), Conseil national de l’enseignement supérieur et de la recherche (CNESER – National council of higher education and research), Commission du Titre d’Ingenieur (CTI – Engineering diploma committee), etc.] in charge of evaluation or creation of diplomas.

In this context, the CNCP provides the tool for online entry of the data sheets, and carries out, within an inter-ministerial framework, a mission to ensure coherence of the data sheets and legibility of the content for the information forwarded.