National committee for professional certification

Set up under the French social modernization law n°2002-73 dated 17 January 2002, the national committee for professional certification is placed under the authority of the French minister in charge of vocational training. The committee is made up of 43 members: representatives of ministers, representatives of the regions, social partners, representatives of the consular chambers, and qualified persons. Its mission is to:

  • List the offer of vocational certifications (national register of vocational certifications),

  • Inform people and companies about the certifications listed in the national register and the certifications recognized in the member states of the European Union,

  • Check the coherence, complementarity and renewal of diplomas and qualification documents, together with their adaptation to evolution in qualifications and work organization,

  • Issue a public notice prior to setting up and creating professional certifications entitled to be listed in the national register,

  • Make public evaluations of the certificates covering professional qualifications,

  • Issue recommendations for the attention of the institutions awarding diplomas, qualification documents for professional purposes or professional qualification certificates,

  • Point out any full or partial correspondences between certifications listed in the national register, or between the latter and other certifications, mainly European certifications,

Draw up a new nomenclature covering levels of certification in relation to jobs held.

Under the authority of its chairperson, the CNCP relies on the work carried out by a specialized committee, a permanent secretariat and a network of regional correspondents.It contributes to work at an international level on transparency of qualifications.